Friday, June 27, 2008

Feel the love

Happy 70th birthday mom!

Congratulations on 70 wonderful years and the promise of so many more to come. Lookin' good for 70 grrl! (Seventy is the new fifty.)

We got a cake that says we love you on it. (Scroll down and start the soundtrack as you read the rest of the post.)

Here are a couple shots of the birthday girl we took while staying with her and Pat in Florida before our move.

Full on family shot.

Mom and the kids.

Seriously mom – thanks for your unconditional support of my plan to move to Brazil. It has really meant a lot. We are taking notes of all the great places we are going to take you and Pat when you come to visit – so plan a long vacation!

Luiz sends love and kisses and thanks for all your help. Zozo and Tonico send their best. Luiz is hoping it won’t be too long before you two make it down here.

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