Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another great party with Marcia

We never miss Marcia’s birthday party. Nobody throws a party like Marcia Santana Orlando. This year she and her husband Mike came home to Sete Lagoas (from San Francisco, CA) to celebrate with much of her family.

A quick. overnight long-distance bus ride took us to Carlinho’s house in Belo Horizontes, where he joined in and we drove to Marcia’s sister Mary Lou’s sítio for a long luxurious weekend.

Check out this “weekend house” just outside of town.

Perfect poolside comfort. The main house is just up the hill. The building poolside is the outdoor kitchen, sauna, bathrooms and party salon.

Fabulous breakfasts on the veranda each morning.

This place is the perfect party house: indoor and outdoor kitchens, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, futebol field, big open air party room, 5 bedrooms, a dock at the lake with an elevated patio, and on and on. Throw in some world famous Brazilian hospitality and commitment to joyfulness and marathon celebrations and you have another memorable birthday party.

Carlos helping out at the wood-burning stove.

I love the clay and stone pots.

Down at the lake.

Luiz took a pair of scissors and plucked some flowers from the extensive gardens. Together with a few of the lollipop theme decorations he whipped up this extravagant arrangement.

View up from the futebol field.

We're looking forward to the next party!

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