Saturday, November 8, 2008

Flor de Luiz in the papers

Luiz designed some (dare I say it) FABULOUS flowers for a recent birthday party for one of Niteroí’s favorite socialites. They were a true work of art, blending orchids and fruits (apples, grapes and cashews) and vegetables (artichokes) in a huge display.

In addition he used dried bougainvillea blossoms to create a remarkable floating starburst flanked by orchids and fruits for the buffet table.

Following the chic luncheon attended by 100 self-appointed important people Luiz and his inspired creation were mentioned in the society columns of three newspapers. The columnists could not say enough about the unusual and stunning florals at the event.

Leveraging this fantastic publicity, the wife of an old friend of Luiz called in a few favors to run a very large advertisement in a local monthly newspaper. She was able to run a full panel from our Flor de Luiz brochure, plus the contact-info side of Luiz’s business card. Check it out.

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brooke said...

SO FREAKING COOL! Luiz needs to fly his little bootie back to the States next year to arrange the flowers for my wedding. He probably wouldn't be very happy about working from Patron bottles and canning jars tho! :) Good thing...I couldn't afford him anyway!