Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flor de Luiz in pink

Recently Luiz made a bride very happy. She had asked Luiz to design for her her dream bouquet - one made of pink stargazer lilies.

Pink was the color theme of the wedding. All the men in the wedding party wore black suits with pink neckties. The dessert table was lit from below by pink lights. Centerpiece arrangements featured several types of pink flowers. And the bride’s bouquet was an explosion of pink lilies.

She loved it. She never set the thing down all night. When it came time to toss the bouquet to her eager single female friends she first gave a long speech about her fabulous dream-come-true bouquet that she didn’t want to give away. Luiz assured her the lilies would only die in a day or so and there was no way to dry or otherwise preserve them. So she reluctantly agreed to throw it to her friends, but only after putting off that ritual until nearly the end of the night.

Another happy customer of Flor de Luiz.


GingerV said...

very nice photos. and luiz - beautiful flowers.

Jim said...

Thanks Ginger - from you that's quite a compliment. I must admit I doctor things up with Google Picasa. For example, the shot of the bride had a wire clothes hanger up on the wall above her right shoulder. I blurred it out. And cropping can often improve enven the worst of original photos. :-)

My secret is out!

Although Luiz's flowers stand on their own. Thanks for your compliment.