Friday, August 14, 2009

Fathers Day in the mountains

Father’s Day in Brazil was Sunday, August 9th. Luiz and I suggested to Tonico that we spend the day up in the mountains at our favorite waterfall in Boa Esperança. Neither he nor Zozó have been there. Tonico loves a road trip and Zozó loves a good waterfall. It was a go.

Just like he warned us, a few seconds past 7:30 a.m. we heard Tonico tooting the horn downstairs. Did I mention that Tonico loves a road trip? Before long we had left the urban sprawl of Rio behind and were winding our way across the flatlands just north of Guanabara Bay and into the foothills toward Nova Friburgo.

Tonico and I share a bad habit. We don’t really pay attention to the chatter coming from Luiz and Zozó in the back seat. Tonico has the advantage of his failing hearing and I will just miss what is said if I don’t pay close attention to the Portuguese cadence. This helps us both not overheat from the unsolicited backseat driving commands offered by Zozó or the impatient vocal snaps from Luiz which he uses to modulate his conversation with his mother. (It can sometimes be a long drive, regardless of our destination.)

By about 10:30 a.m. we turned off the main mountain road and headed even further upward toward Lumiar and Boa Esperança. Along the way the road gets smaller and the towns get cuter.

After the final couple of kilometers on a wickedly eroded dirt road we parked at the entrance to the barzinho and picnic area located at the waterfall.

From then on it was all goodness and light. Beautiful spot, cold beer, fresh salgadinhos, and an inspiring waterfall.

Happy Father’s Day.

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