Thursday, September 3, 2009

Divorce Brazilian style

It's not official just yet, but the Brazilian Senate has approved a bill that would allow consensual divorces to be filed and resolved on the Internet.

This AP article reports: The Senate's official news agency says the bill would speed divorce proceedings, allowing couples to split without lawyers or having to wait in line in court.

Couples could file for legal separations, divide property and decide alimony via the Internet as well, according to the bill approved Wednesday by the Senate constitutional commission.

It would have to be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva before becoming law.

The Senate commission also voted in June to eliminate the required year of legal separation before a divorce can be granted.

I think if straight folks can marry and divorce with such carelessness us queer folk should be able to at least tie the knot and gain some of the privileges. Is that so much to ask?


Anonymous said...

Damn,, Wish I had that when I was going through a Divorce,, He Hee

You 2 look like ife is treating you both very well!!

Alexander has moved back to Puerto Rico, has to take care of his Mom, she is now 85, and not doing well,, alas n' alack,, his transition has been a rough one... But he will rise to the needs I am sure,

I havebeen bearing with a surly work situation,, our contract has expired, don't know how it is shaking out yet, but wil keep you posted.

Big Hugs n' Kisses!!

Miss Phae

Anita said...

I think gay marriage will happen in every country. Check a nice post from a fellow blogger here:
I so much agree with him.