Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh fish in Niterói

Founded 33 years ago, the São Pedro Fish Market is one of the more traditional markets in Niterói. For those of us who enjoy top quality fresh fish or other seafood this market is the best option in town. There are 39 independent stalls with a terrific selection of fresh fare at super competitive prices.

[statue of Saint Peter]

My friend Amanda and I went to the market this morning with the intention of buying an octopus. Many years ago I had a wonderful octopus vinaigrette salad in Cyprus and have never forgotten how tasty it was. I’m determined to recreate that salad.

[shrine to Saint Peter]

While there was no shortage of octopi, it was the “today only” sale on salmon at one stall that derailed my plans. For the most part salmon was going for about R$31 per kilogram throughout the market, steaks or fillets. But this one guy had a deal where if you bought the entire fish, the price was just R$20 per kilogram. Chop off the head and tail and that works out to be less than half what I pay for a frozen fillet at the local supermarket. Octopus salad would have to wait. I had him fillet a fish for me.

[super cute fish monger!]

The second floor of the market is packed with restaurants – so when you finish haggling for a great deal downstairs, you can go upstairs for a fantastic seafood lunch. Better yet – buy a fish you’ve never tried before and take it upstairs to be prepared to order.

Tonight I cooked an amazing salmon bake. Ahhhhh!


Quentin&Heather said...

See, I KNEW it was easier for you to get fish than me. So not fair. -TXHeather, on my other account...

Danielle said...

yay, food adventures! I still think you should try to recreate the octopus salad, though.

On Monday I tried to make Thai papaya salad (have you ever eaten that in the US?). I was unsuccessful. We ended up eating top ramen for dinner. :( That one won't be going on the cooking blog, but maybe your octopus salad can! :D

Have a good day :)

Jim said...

Heather - maybe you can work out a home delivery deal with a local monger. Get a bigger freezer - maybe it could work out! ;-)

Danielle - I'm definitely looking for a recipe to pitch to your cooking blog. Who knows how long it will be before I get another octopus in my craw...