Monday, November 28, 2011

I found peanut butter!

A hah! I found it! Peanut butter. Actual real peanut butter. Not the sickening sweet whipped purée sugar/peanut/soy oil mixture readily available and made for kids. Actual peanut butter. (OK, maybe a bit too whipped and light, but nearly the real deal.)

“Tia Mona Pasta de Amendoim” – crocante to boot!
Just R$6 for a whopping 160 grams (that’s about a cup). Ah Brazil…
Glad to have found it – but I think I’ll keep making my own in the food processor.


Meredith said...

It's nice, isn't it?
I'm lucky because at my local supermarket (Pao de Acucar) you can buy REAL American peanut butter. I don't remember if it's Jiffy or not, but it's the real stuff. And it's only R$11, which is a great price considering it's imported.
The Brazilian stuff (a different brand than what you have there) is R$6 and it's a bit dry, but it does the trick.

Nina said...

I haven't eaten jiffy or "normal peanut butter" since I was 16. I always got the natural stuff. After Danielle's recipe, I have finally felt at home with peanut butter in Brazil.

yeah, Jim I have found it even at regular supermarkets now. But the prices are pretty expensive around here. At least 15 heais or +, and I don't like that kind. So I am sticking to the homemade stuff too.

Meredith 11 reais is a damn good price!

Jana said...

This is extraordinary! 6R? I love that its local too... what a great find!!

Jennifer Souza said...

Lucky! I tried the recipe, but mine hasn't come out good yet.

I hope we get Peanut Butter out here one day. Well actually, I'd rather have the machine to make my own. The kind that crushes and grinds, so you don't need oil.

Jim said...

Jen - i have a meat grinder and it works perfectly -- no oil needed. just grind finely - or twice.

Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers the grocery store will have this in SP!

Please share your recipe for peanut butter... would it be possible to make without a food processor?

Jim said...

April - check here for the recipe.

I use a food processor, but others have had sucess with a blender. I also use a meat grinder to great affect.

I suggest going easy on the sugar and oil at first - work to your taste.

Good luck!