Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ten reasons why you should move to Brazil

10 - You will never find pão de queijo that tastes as good anywhere else.

9 - Living in flip flops never felt so good.

8 - Surfing is not only a lifestyle, but you have infinite beaches.

7 - Everybody knows your name (especially if you are a gringo).

6 - Fruit and juices are taken to a whole new level.

5 - Holidays are really holidays (not shopping days).

4 - The ´village´ takes care of your (our) children.

3 - The cachaça is out of this world.

2 - These days - opportunity is exploding.

1 - Name your reason - what are you thinking?


Danielle said...

Sexy Brazilian Men (especially Alexandre and Luiz)!

Jim said...


Jim said...

say it again ! ! !

Meredith said...

I was going to say that 7 doesn't apply here since there are so many foreigners in Brasilia, but then I remembered my friend laughing about how everyone at each of her doctor's appointments remembers her (and that may be my case too).

8 is not true here =(

but I'd like to add the health care as a reason to move to Brazil, and I know you'll agree with me. And also maternity leave.

Jim said...

M - I want some paid maternaty leave (without the pain of child birth!) All the best to you, your son and your husband!

Laural Out Loud said...

We're moving to Brasil! Our goal is a year from this summer/fall, though it could change.

I love how family oriented Brasil is, how it's expected that you'll bring your kids with you wherever you go. And the crazy pizza!

Ray and Gil said...

Holly Mackerel, the sexy men!!!
Probably sexy women too, but I was always too busy drooling over the sexy men.
As the old saying goes... " In Brazil, the difference between straigth men and gay men is half a mug of beer"..
Ah, just kidding... :)

Hell, I miss home!!


Jim said...

Every day I am grateful for the parade of sexy men!!

Chesney said...

Great list! Agree with them all, expect everyone here may know my name but no one can really pronounce it. Then again, I had problems with that back home as well.