Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend getaway outside of Rio

We have a new playground destination - sort of a mountain resort in a small town a couple of hours out of Rio: ASPEN in Miguel Pereira.

Zozó is an honorary member of ASPEN (the association of public employees in Rio state). This fantastically appointed social club for its members is a beautiful and peaceful getaway.

View from our balcony.
The place has not always thrived. Corruption by leadership and staff in the past kept improvements to a minimum. But then came "the power grrlz."

We are not the power grrlz.
For the past 8 years the newly elected president of the association is a lesbian educator (an educator who happens to be a lesbian, although I imagine she educated lesbians along the way...), along with her partner. They are extreamly popular among the group and have insisted on honesty and transparency.
They have taken the club to a whole new level -- and they LOVE Zozó.

Under the power grrlz' leadership the club has expanded with new chalets, a water park, a remodeled dining area, new salons in which to play cards, play billiards, get a manicure, smoke your death sticks, and host events.
Queen Bee power grrl there with the beautiful white hair.
Funny what can happen when the president is not stealing all the member dues for his own enrichment (and I use the pronoun HIS on purpose).

Wine and cheese night.
More power to the Power Grrlz!

At member prices, enjoying a weekend away is quite the bargain (all meals included).

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bee and jay said...

Whoa! That's some buffet table!!

And the surrounding countryside looks beautiful!