Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Naked? Who's naked? It's Carnaval.

You know it's Carnaval season when "Globoleza" starts making regular appearances on the television at all hours of morning noon and night.

Restrictions on when to play the 30 second spot to spare the kiddies from seeing an elaborately painted  female body do not seem to be at play...

Globoleza 2013  (NSFW)

Bom Carnaval.


Gabriella C said...

I live in the US and was watching Globo the other night when this clip came on. At first I couldn't believe they let this play on TV, but then remembered that it was Globo and not CBS. :)

The cultural difference still surprises me sometimes!

Anonymous said...

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Jennifer Souza said...

Since we have SKY now Globo is gone. And good riddance! lol

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...
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