Sunday, April 28, 2013

Waterfalls cleanse the spirit

The Waters of March (listen here to the classic version and here for a beautiful bi-lingual version) and those into April do more than create joy in our hearts. They also fill some of our favorite waterfalls to roaring capacity. One of Luiz’s favorite spots is Boa Esperança in the mountains just outside of Rio. It is a very small town a little further up the mountain road past the more famous hippy turned eco-sport funky town Lumiar.

I have posted about our adventures in Boa Esperança several times before. We have spent time there with our group of close friends as well as on our own. Previously we stayed in a humble little cottage rented by our friends Dora and Serjão. This time we were invited to join Dora and Serjão and their ever-growning son (soon to start high school!) João in their new, wonderful, three bedroom rental up the hill with fantastic views of the tight river valley that tracks Boa Esperança.

Wow – what a difference a little altitude makes in the view department. The morning view out of our bedroom window was stunning. Dora is a master of DIY house warming using rich colors for interior walls and furnishings she has collected over the years that scream rural Brazil. Delightful.

Top of our list when visiting Boa Esperança is spending a few hours at cachoeira São Jorge (St. George waterfall). The manicured picnic area and full service luncheonette make the two kilometer walk up the weathered dirt road from the middle of town (the end of the bus line, three family run stores, two bars and an Evangelical church) worth the effort. Actually, the waterfall makes the effort worth it. It is the cold drinks, hot food and lovely surroundings that take the sting out of the climb. You can visit the waterfall in your flip flops carrying just a few bucks in your pocket.

Wherever we find a waterfall we will also find Luiz in the water soaking up the blessings it brings.

Boa Esperança and cachoeira São Jorge never disappoint.


Danielle said...

What a beautiful place! And you look so healthy! Happy happy happy <3

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