Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tiny beaches and tinier monkeys

Most Fridays are pretty open for me. I have only one student, at 8:45 a.m. for one hour. After that my weekend officially kicks in. Unless Luiz has a flower gig he is also free on Fridays. So we enjoy getting out of the house and exploring our city and surroundings.

This Friday we took a local bus to Jurujuba. This is a cute little fishing village on the far side of the bay just east of us – and almost to the mouth of the bay. Once in the village we walked up and over the little peninsula to check out two tiny beaches Luiz used to visit when he was younger.

On our way out of the village we stopped to watch a craftsman building a little boat in the parking space in front of his house. From the looks of it that sturdy little vessel would be of good service for many years to come.

Getting to the top of the hill came with wonderful views down to the beaches and across the mouth of the bay to Rio. Only a few other people were out enjoying the day so we had a quiet walk along the sand.

Right on cue, when we arrived at the larger of the two beaches there was a tiny bar on the side of the road. As is the custom, we sat and enjoyed a couple cold beers while marveling in our good fortune to live in such a spectacular place.

And then what to our wondering eyes should appear? Two little monkeys sneaking out of the bush looking for edible handouts from the bar owner. Super cute. Like long-tailed kittens. They stuck around for quite a while and were given bits of banana for their trouble.

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