Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big holiday week-end

We’ve been here before: Brazilian holidays that serve up endless opportunities to spend time with your family.

A previous post laid out the details of today's Tiradentes holiday. Good stuff. And as a rebel myself I love that the government honors their revolutionaries. Combine that with Rio state’s patron saint holiday this Friday (gotta love the lack of separation of church and state that creates a bumper crop of Christian saint-related days off!) and you get a very LONG weekend holiday for workers in Rio state: Wednesday (Tiradentes Day), Thursday (taken casually – I had a cough!), Friday (celebrating Saint George, the patron saint of Rio state), then Saturday and Sunday.

When was the last time you had a FIVE DAY holiday spree in the US, without having to use a vacation day!? I love Brazil. Although, the heavy hand of the Catholic church/religion is a bit suffocating.

Anyway, we are using the occasion to buy home appliances at discount prices. Zozó has just moved into her new apartment, but she needs a new stove and refrigerator. Today is the day. Gotta love spending other people’s money! Let’s go shopping!

It will be a long week-end of helping Zozó settle into her new place. Glad to be free of work responsibilities. Stay tuned.  Photos of the new apartment are coming.

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