Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pleasing my family

While I have commented on many occasions that my Gringo food goes unappreciated here, I HAVE found one recipe that is a crowd (read: family) pleaser: banana pancakes. Who knew?

Just a little flour, sugar, cinnamon and bananas. The best solutions are the simple ones.

We have fed the now-famous American breakfast food to neighbors and housekeepers alike. Universal enthusiasm.

I gotta stop trying to please with 15-ingredient sauces and twice-baked concoctions. Keep it simple. Keep it sweet.

Please the family.

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Linds said...

Banana pancakes ARE the one crowd pleaser of gringo food!!!! You're soooooooooooo right!!! We just made the yesterday morning and even though his dad refused to try (as always), even he sauntered into the kitchen and stole one - then stole 3 more! He still wouldn't try the homemade syrup I made, instead insisting on putting jam on his pancake - YUCK i might add - but at least they were all finished.
I even made 'real' cookies and brownies for the fam, and while they were eaten, I don't think they were really loved. I tried and loved Pave! You can try and love gringo foods too.