Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going shopping every day

Do you want to know why I go shopping every day?  It's because if I try to store something for any length of time the bugs get to it.

Pasta, beans, flour, corn meal -- all of it. It has a rediculously short shelf life before the bugs take over - and start laying their eggs.

I need a HUGE refrigerator to keep everything safe!

If you are thinking of being an entrepreneur in Brazil -- invent a refrigerated spice rack.  Trust me.

Today I wanted to make beans - but no. Fouled by the bugs. Have to go buy another bag. And wash out the plastic container I had the never-opened, sealed bag of beans stored in. Sigh.

Oh well - at least there are sweet fresh mangoes...


The Reader said...

wow, that's terrible!

I was going to suggest plastic containers, works okay here, but then I kept reading and see that you do that already.

Sorry the bugs are bigger problem in Niteroi than here where I am, but enjoy that sweet fresh mango!

Mallory said...

ew. that means the bugs were already in the product when you bough it. i noticed that with rice noodles and beans. i check the bag VERY carefully before buying anything now... sometimes the black circle bugs are already inside, and you can see them in the store! maybe you should switch to another grocery store, sounds like they don't do much quality control :S

bee and jay said...

Bummer! Is there a place you can buy small quantities in bulk instead of a whole package?

In principal, we love the idea of shopping every day- goods are fresher & there's less waste.
But of course it's nice to be able to maintain a basic bug-free pantry, too!

Jennifer Souza said...

Man...that stinks! I was hoping my rubber sealed glass jars would work that I wanted to buy...but uh forget that purchase!

Meredith said...

We don't have this problem in Brasilia, at least not too much (but I do remember it in Manaus, ugh). The only issue here is the sugar ant attacking my cat's food and any spill that is left on the sink.

Sorry to hear you're having problems :(.

Ray and Gil said...


It sounds like you found some Mexican jumping beans in Brazil!! ;)
I have to agree with Mallory, it sounds like you are buying food with the bugs already in them.
Never heard of this in problem in Brazil, but I could definitely see it happening anywhere. Try changing brands or buying from a different store, that might help.
I just saw an article yesterday that Carrefour was caught red handed selling expired products and had to pay a fine of 70 Million dollars to the state of Sao Paulo. If that is happening in large chains, imagine your little neighborhood store.
A chain of 9 supermarkets was closed in Boston last year for doing the exact same thing, they were caught selling expired products.


We finally got rid of our sugar ants buy spreading some cloves around the areas where they traveled withing the kitchen.
The ants use their sense of smell to guide themselves and the strong smell of cloves throws them off and the leave.
We got rid of our tiny sugar ants problem with that, you should try it, at least it's poison free and safe for Sebastians. ;)


Jim said...

Could be a bad supplier - Carrefour just closed in Niterói - not sure why.

I have the time to shop - I should not stock up so much...

Rachel said...

I look at the bags carefully but I also have an issue if I let too much time go by. Since it's just you and Luiz, you should get the smallest portion possible and then store it in glass jars. Works best for me! Even though I have 4 mouths here, we still lose out on rice and such if we don't eat it daily. I'm sorry, I still can't manage rice and beans daily, heaven forbid twice a day!

Ray and Gil said...


Carrefour is taking a good beating from Walmart's competition, so they might be taking some desperate measures.
I recently learned that Brown Rice has more moist and it shouldn't be kept long at all or it will grow mold.
White Rice lasts much longer because its more processed and dryer.
We also keep our dry goods in glass jars with aluminum leads and inner rubber sealings, it works good for us.


Larissa Dobbin said...

If that is the case, going to the shopping center every day for your needs can be just fine. It gives you time to exercise and meet friends too. That would be quite a nice hobby. :)