Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miss Gay Brazil 2011

Great night last night. Luiz and I went to the Miss Gay Brazil pageant hosted at the Unidos da Tijuca samba school quadra. LOADS of queer guys.

I felt like the paparazzi, catching all the grrlz in their finest. But they LOVE the camera!  Hahaha
The show was great. I especially loved the intermission (between the regional costume portion and the evening gown portion of the pageant) that drummed the hell out of the place and featured super cute near naked boyz dancing and gesticulating all up in our face.  You go boyz! (I was too entranced to remember to take photos.)

Here’s a little look-see into the event from the photos I took..

Oh – and somehow we didn’t leave until nearly 5:00 a.m.  Plus the bus taking us home was PACKED and we had to stand. At nearly 5:00 in the morning!  Brazilians love their parties.

Oh - and I should mention that Miss Santa Catarina took home the honor.


Jennifer Souza said...

Getting a little lost....are those homosexual women? or Drag Queens? I'm thunking lesbians, b/c Drag Queens probably would've had Drag Kings as intermission. Lemme know. :-)

Jim said...

100% male baby. The boys at intermission were fans of the crowd.

It was a guys night out.

Jennifer Souza said...

Yayay! I know that felt good to be there.

Nina said...

wow, this brings back memories. I wish campinas would do stuff like this, maybe they do and it's just not promoted. Fun stuff. what amazing dresses and the make-up on that queen with her mouth open likes insanely unrealistic!

no women in the audience? Boys night out sounds awesome. But is that usual in Brazil for a drag queen contest?

Rachel said...

Fun times! Thanks for sharing :)

Jim said...

Nina - sure there were women present -- but you know the type - those who love their gay friends! Definitley 90% men.

Fun night.