Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grateful for the assistance

Have I said this before? Our house cleaner (faxineira), who comes twice a month, goes through some serious cleaning products.

She´s a sweetheart. And she does a terrific job. AND she uses a serious amount of cleaning products.

Wood polishing fluid, window cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom disinfectant, general hard-to-clean liquid -- she is determined to make our place sparkle.

Lucky us.

And I have to keep on top of what we have on hand, because she gets pretty frustrated when we don´t have what she needs. But she always makes do with landry detergent and bleach.

I do my fair share of cleaning and washing - but I am SO GRATEFUL for the added bonus of our faxineira.


Shelley said...

Our first faxineira was the same way. Unfortunately we found that she preferred product over elbow grease. What about alcohol? Does yours use it for cleaning? I HATE the smell of it...

Andy Casterton said...

Our faxineira is dynamite. I feel so lucky to get home on Fridays (the day she comes) and find our place so clean. Frankly, I think she is worth her weight in gold, and it means I get extra time with the family. Good news all round.