Monday, July 2, 2012

Brazilian view

My mother-in-law says she and her husband bought this apartment (now our apartment) specifically because there is a huge green space across the street from the front verandinha. It’s a giant rock with green growth – complete with lots of birds.

Works for me.

The view out our window is quite natural, and we do not have to suffer another urban apartment building.
(wishing I could provide a photo - but the camera continues to confound me…)

The ever-growing monster f*cking things up is the restaurant at the base of this beautiful green hill which is thriving and expanding. Can you say NOISE!? At least they seem to have retired their pizza delivery service – those motorcycle delivery boys were LOUD outside our window! – plus cigarette smoke!

But each morning the view is wonderful (and quiet) – with the cute pair of vulcher birds flying together. Mangoes drip from the trees – and there is a huge avocado tree. Green is so much better than another apartment building!


Jennifer Souza said...

Oh, Jim! How I would love to see the view! Please post a photo!!!

Jey said...

Sounds beautiful! I hear you on the restaurant front. We live next to a school, and all I have to say is that the band is getting much better :-)

- Jey

Jim said...

Jey - hahaha - Lucky for us the local grade school is two blocks away -- the happy squeals of excited young school children would be too much! Not to mention the band! hahaha

The Reader said...

Lack of a proper view is the main complaint I had when we were in an apartment - yep, we looked across the street into the homes of the 50+ families in the apartment building across the way. Which ultimately meant they were looking back at us. We moved to a house and ruled out any option that allowed neighbors to peer into the back yard. Ahhhh, privacy.

enjoy your view and count it worth the noise you endure.

Jim said...

Reader - nice to hear from you!

I had an apartment in San Francisco YEARS ago that was like a fish bowl for the neighbors to peer into. I never got used to it. We are blessed here with limited sight lines into our living room.

Hope you and your family are well.