Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unknown trouble getting through

To my blogger friends -- for those of you using the "verify yourself by typing the letters you see here" system -- it simply is not working for me. I KNOW I am typing the correct characters -- 8 times -- and I am never allowed to post. Not sure why that is, but it keeps happening... I have used my "American" keyboard and my "Portuguese" keyboard. If you have a suggestion - send me an email. I want to communicate with you.

Ray - your duck video was amazing.

Shelly - I want to congratulate you on your podcast.

And others...



Adrienne said...

your not the only one. I've had to do one at least 10 times to get my comment posted and for some reason the character are extremely hard to make out sometimes.

Anonymous said...


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!
I had a lot of trouble with having more than one account at Google. Gil convinced me to use Firefox as a browser and it is great, but it doesn't allow me to use more than one account to sign on to anything.
So I switch to "Internet Explore" and it allows me to sign on with a different account. My problem is that I use one google account to sign on to work stuff and another for facebook, blogs, etc...
Don't feel bad, it drove me crazy for months. And sometimes it still gives me headaches.
I hope my descriptions helped. I am really awful with this kind of stuff.



PS: See, I just had a hard time posting this comment and had to do it as Anonymous, don't ask me what happened. I have no idea. :)

Shelley said...

Thanks Ray! I actually haven't had time to listen all the way thru yet....too busy with kids, trying to find an apartment, working, getting my daughter ready to do a video for Rede Minas (a vinette for the TV station, Fun!!!), and trying to finally get a Brazilian driver's license....

Lindsey said...

I agree and actually think I'm going to just take that off and approve comments manually. I can't stand typing the letters/numbers so will stop forcing others to as well!

GingerV said...

FYI - I have the same trouble with yours. When Blogger went to 'the new version' it automatically put verification requirement on your / mine/ everyone's blog. sign in, go to your blogs overview / left hand column at the bottom - Settings - posting and comments - show verification (NO!)

GingerV said...

took two times. have to put the number (before or after as shown)no space then the letters.

GingerV said...

just looking

Rachel said...

I vote for taking all limits off of commenting. Just delete the spam. Rumor is that you get more comments that way anyway

Anonymous said...

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