Sunday, September 30, 2012

The joy of Arraial do Cabo

Last weekend we had another fun time with R.J. Adventuras tour group. They are friends of Luiz. (And now me, too.)

Great group!

Best husband in the world!

We went to Arraial do Cabo, stayed in a small house (16 people in a two bedroom house) and did some hiking as well as a skooner trip.

Great time. Tasty breakfasts, lunch on the street, then jantar (dinner) back at the house (and then maybe a late night snack on the street).

They say this tree is 500 years old.

We spent one day on a pristine beach - where I got a frieghteningly red gringo sun burn under a windy, cloudy sky.

We had to hike to this beach.

The next day we spent four hours on a skooner (all to ourselves) - lots of caipirinhas. Swimming and beaches. Fantastic.

Can you see the profile of the man's face?

Gotta love having the whole boat to ourselves.

Sugar fine sand.

What do you think?

Thank you to our guides who organized everything (very cheap!) And thank you to our best grrl friend for giving us a ride to and from.

Our adorable autistic little friend. So sweet. He relates to adults, but not to other children. Such a nice boy...


The Reader said...

LOVE Arrial do Cabo. One of our favorite places thus far; I think for sure the prettiest beaches in Brazil (at least, from the sampling we've been to). Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

RJ Adventura said...

The weekend was wonderful in Arraial cable because we were with friends. Hugs until the next adventure