Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seasoning our clay pot

I´m getting ready to make a seafood moqueca in our new clay pot. [First I´m gonna make a big Mexican feast for some local friends - this Friday - who do not have a lot of experience with Mexican food - but love it all the same.]

In preparation for the moqueca I needed to season our new clay pot.

Soaking in water.

So first I soaked the clay pot in water for a while. Then I put big chunks of fatty bacon into the pot and slowly simmered the meat to share its fatty deliciousnous with the clay pot - the pot drinking up all the fat.

Bacon chunks in a water bath.

Then I fed the edible bits of the bacon to my husband.

Cooked down bacon - ready to eat.

Finally I wiped out the pot and now consider it ready to cook a nice meal.  Stay tuned.

Seasoned pot - with the decorated lid on the stove just above it.


The Reader said...

Okay, you make that look totally unscary. I might have to buy a clay pot or three now!!! Can't wait to read about the moqueca!

Anita said...

Pára de fazer invejinha com esses seus potes, ok ?

Jim said...

Reader - you can buy three sizes of clay pots (rice, pirão, stew)along the side of the road next time you drive up to Macaré for just R$10. Go for it.

It makes PERFECT rice and is a whole new way to cook stews.

Jim said...

Reader - I mean Maricá.

And Anita - I do not mean to tease - just to be happy.

The Reader said...

thanks, Jim. Next we are up towards Macae I'll get some. I've seen them on the road but never had a clue how to use them....thanks for the tip!

Danielle said...

How interesting! How does it work? The fat from the bacon like, "fixes" the pot?

And when you say you soak the pot in water "for a while", how long is "a while"?

Jim said...

Reader - the pots are great - you can sauté in them, bake in the oven and boil/stew on the stovetop. Then they look great on your dinner table. (Be sure to get the wire racks needed to rest the pots in when at the table.

Danielle - I think I soaked the pot for about an hour... you want to open up the clay a bit to get it ready to then absorb the bacon oil. By cooking in the bacon oil (or you could rub it with olive oil and bake the pot on a low temperature for an hour or so.) you put a bit of flavorful seal in the clay so it will not steal the flavor from your first few dishes. Over time you will be in good hands. Like a cast iron pan.

Then when you wash the pot - do not use deturgent. Use salt if you need to scrub. Then I put the pot back on the stove over low heat to evaporate the water before returning it to the shelf.