Thursday, May 1, 2008

Carnaval in Rio 2008

No matter how much it rains it never dampens the spirits of the tens of thousands of celebrants in the Sambadrome. Once again (as it seems always happens when we go to the big event in Rio) it was intermitently rainy on the first of two nights of Rio's Carnaval competition/show.

Arriving a good four hours prior to the begining of the show our group of about 20 friends staked out our territory in the cement risers of Sector 3. Years of experience have honed our strategy for preventing the inevitable crush of others who will keep arriving all night: befriend the safety monitors nearby, place our coolers and huge bags of food and raincoats around our perimiter, position the men along the exposed front, and remain vigilent to nip all encroaching in the bud.

Then we settled in for nine hours of music, dance, brilliant costumes (or practically none at all), huge floats and the personal thrill of cheering on our favorite 'school'. Here are some great photos.

We have already begun to save R$50/month to buy super good seats next year, in our own box section.

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