Friday, May 2, 2008

Kitchen remodel complete

It took a while. As usual, the prep work was most of the effort. We hired a very talented guy who has remodeled practically every inch of our apartment.

In the rear of the apartment he busted out and widened the doorway, tiled the wall, opened up and replaced a window, and painted the utility room. He replaced the toilet, tile and door - plus painted - the little bathroom. And in the kitchen he removed a room divider, repaired the tile, installed new light fixtures, painted the cieling, replaced the sink faucet and removed all the original cabinets.

Then our cabinet maker installed new cabinets. Check it out.

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Welcome to the blogosphere, Jim...or is it welcome back? I'm so happy to be able to keep up with you and Luiz at such a distance! Hugs, Jeffrey