Friday, May 2, 2008

Knife sharpening, Brazil style

Just about every Friday, some time after noon, a high-pitched screeching sound comes through our window from the road below. It took me a few weeks to track it down. I finally noticed a guy standing next to a foot-pedalled, big flywheel-driven knife sharpening contraption. Apparently the "knife-sharpening guy" walks a route pushing his grinding wheel apparatus through the streets of various neighborhoods. He stops periodically, speeds up the flywheel, and sets a long piece of metal to the wheel to make the screech that announces his desire to sharpen any knives you may want to bring his way.

So last week we took him up on his offer.

And he's cute, too.

When he saw our knives he commented: "Oh, these are very special knives, probably from America. They will cost a bit more." (Of course they will...)

Five knives. Expertly sharpened. $11.75

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