Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Luiz health update

Luiz went to his monthly doctor appointment at INCA today. His mother accompanied him. Good news overall.

You will recall that with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia things progress slowly, if all is going well. We’re delighted to report that things are going well.

Luiz is going monthly because from among the half dozen or so markers that indicate a more negative prognosis he has one such marker. It is a more obscure marker – not among the real zingers, for sure; but a marker all the same. So his team wants to keep a close eye on progression. Thus the frequent blood tests and reviews. We appreciate the careful scrutiny. Although spending time at a public cancer facility takes its toll.

A recent CT scan taken here compared to the scan taken in December in San Francisco revealed no progression in terms of lymph node or spleen swelling. VERY good news.

Blood counts continue to show very slow progression. So we settle back into “watch and worry.” But it is definitely good news overall.

As a lighthearted aside, Luiz has been coached by his social worker to say the words "I am diabetic" (which is true) when he goes in for his monthly blood draw. Those magic words result in a parting of the crowd, taking him to the front of the 40-person line waiting for their lab paperwork. Then again to the front of the 15-person line of those waiting to be poked. We can get in and out in less than 15 minutes (otherwise a two hour ordeal.) We are grateful for mundane conveniences.

Thank you for all your support, prayers and well wishes. It makes a real difference for Luiz and I.


Anonymous said...

So glad to get such great news! Go Luiz! You are both missed very much and on my mind!!

Renata said...

I am soooooo excited with this great news! Positive thinking and good prayers can do miracle!
I miss you both so much...can't wait for you guys to meet Dylan...he is a hand full...he is crawling and has 2 teeth...
Luiz te amo e estou sempre rezando por vc...so te preoculpe em fazer esse lindos arranjos de flores q papai do ceu se cuida do resto, viu!
Miss u , miss u...luv u...luv u
your daughter

Anonymous said...

Jim and Luiz,,you two are in my heart!! AND missed dearly!!

This recent news is fantastic, guess those waterfalls work wonders!!

I miss you 2 sooooo much,,!

Smooches to you both!!

Miss Phae

ppereira said...

Que noticia boa!! Vou colocar a boca na rua.. saudades!

Karina said...

Dear Luiz and Jim! We're so thrilled to hear such wonderful news!!! We miss you both so much and you're both always in our thoughts and prayers! I guess we'll see each other in February for Carnaval, right? It's also my birthday on February 20th, the first day of carnaval! I can't wait to see you both again! Miss you dearly! Fica com Deus! Amamos voces!

- Karina e Camilo