Monday, September 1, 2008

Rare sighting on the ferry

My mind flashed on downtown San Francisco today and then snapped back while getting off the ferry after work. I spotted a woman dragging a rolling laptop computer case/briefcase. This ubiquitous accessory in San Francisco – on the subway, on the streets, in the elevator – is all but absent in Rio.

Maybe it’s the frequent uneven stone sidewalks; maybe it’s the lack of accessible curb cutouts; maybe it’s the sheer volume of sidewalk vendors making walking in a straight line an impossibility; or maybe it’s the lack of resources to tote a laptop around with you wherever you go. Whatever it is I just noticed today that these bits of otherwise common urban luggage are a rarity in Rio.

It is perhaps more likely to see a school girl from the favelas taking her laptop to school on her head.

JUST KIDDING!! Would that it be true! And she would use her Hello Kitty backpack anyway. LOL!

1 comment:

ppereira said...

No, Jim. Those cases just make too obvious for thieves...