Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luiz the networking charmer

Flor de Luiz is bustin’out! Remember the party/event Luiz did the flowers for at the Contemporary Art Museum in Niteroí? Well the photographer at that event showed pictures of Luiz’s flowers to his wife (and business partner) and she immediately got on the phone to Luiz to ask him if he would like to do the flowers for their booth at an upcoming vendor fair in Piratininga.

They offered to pay for the materials in exchange for Luiz designing several arrangements to dress up their booth – plus Luiz would be present throughout the four day event to schmooze with other vendors and the public, and distributing print materials.

Once again my photos don’t really capture the arrangements at their best, but suffice it to say that Luiz was a real hit. Many, many people (vendors and public) confirmed what we already know – that Luiz’s designs are unlike anything seen down here. He is truly a “new look” that is very pleasing.

He was approached by several vendors to see if he would be willing to work with them on future projects, and he discussed wedding flowers with several brides to be.

The event itself was really well organized with vendors, demonstrations, performances, a bridal gown fashion show, wine and Champaign tasting, etc. A full program across four nights.

One performance in particular blew me away. Here are some photos of “at-risk youth” (students from the favelas) who have learned the violin, flute, cello, guitar and other instruments and now perform at events. Sheer beauty from the toughest of situations. Really inspiring.
So now post-fair, Luiz has his work cut out for him following up on all the contacts he made.

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