Monday, February 9, 2009

Who is hoarding the chocolate?

I know they are here somewhere... but where?

Believe it or not I cannot find chocolate chips anywhere! Maybe they are here right under my nose - but I don't think so. I've been to numerous super market chains, chocolate specialty boutiques, and "K-Mart" or "Target" -type stores. Nothing.

I'm dying to make those super-delicious "Toll House" chocolate chip cookies to knock the Havaianas off my friends. But I can't locate the KEY ingredient!

[Havaianas: the ubiquitous Brazilian flip-flops.]

Any Brazilians reading: please send me a tip if you know where I can find chocolate chips.


GingerV said...

after 6 years here I have gotten used to almost everything - what I still bring from the States is chocolate chips and decafinated tea bags.
chocolat chips... buy hershey candy bars - freeze - when frozen use a mallet and break into small bits... have chocolate chunk cookies - the chocolate at least tastes the same.

Renato said...

Hey buddy you can go to the mall and there look for subway restaurant. they have this cookies there.

Congratulations guys your blog is petty good. Who showed it was Carlos, your friend from Fort Lauderdale.


Renato said...

I forgot... if you find it tell me

Enjoy your cookies lol

ppereira said...

There's no such a thing as chocolate chips in Brazil. You can probably look for a place where they import food and ask if that's an item they carry. Good luck!!!

Rachel said...

I was an exchange student to Brazil in 2007-2008. Before I left, they told us to bring presents to our host families and know how to make a few recipes, but for Chocolate Chip Cookies, we would have to bring thos chips in our luggage because they aren't usually found ANYWHERE in Brazil. :( American rest. have the cookies, but I believe most of it is imported from the USA, which is why it is so gosh-darn expensive at the Mickey-D's. D: