Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gringo skin vs. Brazilian sun

Man it’s hot. I havn’t spent time at the beach – or even been in direct sunlight all that much but I am breaking out all over with a heat rash.

I’ve been to the dermatologist twice and all she says is, “Yep, that’s a heat rash. Stay out of the sun. Try to keep it dry.”

[No pictures – too nasty.]

Today I was waiting for a bus to get to an English class I am teaching (now teaching four classes and five individual clients a week) and I had to share the thin strip of shade from the telephone pole with two other commuters. It’s been like an oven.

At the street party I posted about earlier the local government had workers spraying the crowd down with fire hoses. It was great – until one of our friends got home and discovered her cell phone had been soaked and no longer functioned.

One the bright side – it is Carnaval, which means we take naps during the day and play throughout most of the cooler nights.

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