Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luiz as Santa's elf floral designer

It’s Chrissmisstime at Flor de Luiz. Santa’s helper has been working overtime combining permanent botanicals and cute little jingle-lingles.

Luiz has this holiday wreath motif down. He’s been kickin’ them out three and four strong in an afternoon. You know he is on a roll – lost in his own private north pole workshop – when he doesn’t come out of his workroom until his nighttime soap opera begins.

Here at Flor de Luiz central we’ve figured a few things out: wreaths sell better early in the season, centerpieces stay hot even as we approach Christmas day; apparently gold is the preferred decoration color this season – best sellers; if you make it they will come (Luiz made a fabulous towering arrangement for our living room and by the end of the day it was sold for R$250.)

The rush is dying down. Luiz is putting together the final arrangements using the remaining decorative elements in his workshop. Sales have nearly topped $R2,000! Plus, what does not get sold makes for great Christmas gifts for friends and family.


TexasHeather said...

OOOH, they are all so lovely!!! That is one talented hubby you have there. Me-thinks next year I will need to figure out a way to mail-order one.....only problem: choosing just one! Absolutely love every single one you posted. Gorgeous!!

Stephanie said...

He is SO talented! I love them all! I did floral design in high school and college and really miss it. Seems like I need to get back into it! Haha But seriously, tell him that they are just beautiful!

Hope you both are enjoying the holiday season! Don't let Luiz work too hard!

Jim said...

Thanks Heather and Stephanie. Too bad the season is quickly running its course. Luiz is always so happy when he is creating with flowers.