Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mexican pizza?

For the first time in nearly two years Luiz and I had a Mexican dinner: Nachos with ground beef, cheese, tomatoes and peppers topped with a generous mound of guacamole. In the absence of genuine corn tortilla chips I scraped up some Doritos brand cheese flavored corn (?) chips.

What’s the big deal? Finding the right ingredients is no easy feat. First: no corn chips; second: no corn tortillas I could convert into chips; third: only mildly-related jalapeño-like hot peppers; and finally: strange looks when adding salt and tomatoes to a bowl of mashed avocado (Brazilians eat their avocado for dessert, with sugar.)

Not much Mexican food goin’ on down here. But man our dinner tasted great!

I was able to find whole wheat flour tortillas, however. But they were strangely labeled ready-to-use pizza dough! Sorry guys – these tortillas are not suitable as pizza dough.

Some things don’t translate very well.

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TexasHeather said...

FYI, I can sometimes find plain doritos brand corn chips. Not always, but sometimes.

Nice to know that the pizza dough is really a whole wheat tortilla...we do miss Mexican food! Found a decent fast-food Mexican joint in the mall recently - Pepe Loco's. "Decent" being a relative term; we declared it almost equal to Taco Bell. Clearly we are desperate, LOL!

Sounds like your nachos were a hit!