Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unbelievable story

Something happened to me the other day that just swept my heart up into the sky.

A long time ago I was a ‘Big Brother’ to a young boy in my city that needed a little support, acknowledgement, love and consistency in his life. Twenty seven years ago my little brother and I would spend every Sunday together. That was “our time” to be together, to explore the possibilities and to have some fun.

We did all the things you might expect – except for sports, at which I was always challenged. Mostly we built a relationship that showed each other that we cared about each other and hoped for the best for each other.

Then I had to leave and move to San Francisco. It wasn’t easy. I announced my plans many months in advance to try and give us enough time to get used to the idea of being apart. But of course there is no sufficient time available to make such a separation painless.

I moved to San Francisco. He stayed in Lansing. Time passed and we lost touch with each other.

Last week I got a “Friend Request” on Facebook from my little brother. (Cue the tears.)

He wondered if I still remembered him. He told me has never forgotten me and has been looking for me for nearly twenty years. “Of course I remember you!” I replied.

Since then we have been exchanging messages to reconnect.

He has grown into an attentive father of three beautiful children. Challenges remain front and center in his life, but his resolve seems clear. I am so proud of him.

Events like this make my heart sing.


Fabio Bossard said...

Wow Jim, that was touching. I am happy for you.

brooke said...

Where's the FB "Like" button?!?!

Doug said...

OMG. This is awesome news Jim! Way cool!