Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snow days for school kids in Rio

Where I come from – it’s a snow day.  You don’t have to go to school because the snow is so deep the city cannot clear the streets to permit the school buses to pass.  Better there is no school. It is not possible/safe.
Here we think in terms of rain days. When the rain comes, and comes with ferocity, the streets flood and traffic is stopped.  The water level rises and all normal activity comes to a halt.
People are used to simply sitting in a neighborhood bar, drinking a few beers, and waiting for the rain to stop. Then life can go on. I was recently on a bus in a flooded neighborhood, waiting for 30 minutes for the water to subside and make it possible for the bus to pass.
Recently the skies have opened up.  Luiz has had (so far) two days off from school due to the rain.  More than 1.5 meters of water have flooded his school.  On the first night several school employees/teachers had to sleep through the night in the school because there was no way to get out.

We check his email each night for the news about classes the next morning.
It’s not a snow day, as I remember them, but it pleases Luiz in the same way to learn he does not have to go to school tomorrow.


Meredith said...

I'm from NY so I know what you mean about snow days. Gotta love 'em when you're a student, although my mom says (who works in a school) that some days going to work is better than spending hours shoveling snow.

In FL we have hurricane days.

Nina said...

we are next!

Born Again Brazilian said...

I remember snow days! In the midwest, you only got a snow day if you couldn't get out of your front door because of the snow. When I moved up east, they called snow days after a couple inches, and I would be the only one that showed up for work (well, me and the two people from Michigan...)

Now, I can definitely understand how rain days have slid into the snow day slot. I almost got wiped out trying to rescue my husband with an umbrella from the grocery store at the onset of a sudden rainstorm.