Friday, April 8, 2011

Surviving a hangover

Ever have one of those parties that picks you up all night, but then slams you down the next morning?  All night raucous parties are pretty routine here.  It seems every weekend its someone’s birthday or anniversary or reunion with out of town family, or it’s just a night to party with friends.
Among our circle of friends the parties run past 2:00 am pretty regularly, and well on to 4:00 am on occasion.  When the beer runs out someone passes the hat and either calls for a delivery of another few cases, or hops in a car and makes a beer run to the neighborhood barzinho.
Eventually we call it quits, often sleeping at the house where the party was.
The next morning a few people light up the stove and start cooking off eggs while someone else makes a bakery run for some fresh bread. And of course, someone walks around offering ENGOV and a glass of water to those with a hangover.
Have you tried this stuff?  People swear by it.  It’s an anti-hangover pill sold in every pharmacy.  You are supposed to take one pill before you start to party, then another one when you wake up the next morning (although many of my friends will pop a pill before going to bed – for good measure, I suppose).

According to one of those “Ask me anything” websites, ENGOVE contains mostly asprin for your headache, with some antacid to calm your stomach, some antihistamine to reduce nausea and vomiting, and caffeine to combat lethargy.
So ENGOV is designed to fight the symptoms of a hangover, but it does not actually prevent a hangover.  But it clearly seems to work.


Gil and Ray said...


Good quality wines and wisky will also help you avoid a hangover...
Forget about Pinga and Tequila, they will always give you a hangover, there is no such thing as a good quality cachaca or tequila, that goes for beer as well... ;)


Jim said...

I dare say there are some boutique cachaças these days that taste like fancy wiskeys (scotch, actually).

But the brands available in the USA suck.

Also, I use Zero Cal sweetener in my caipirinhas to avoid the extra sugar. Sugar and booze is a sure fire recipe for a hangover.