Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dia dos Namorados

This is a heads-up to all the expats currently living in Brazil: Don’t forget that Sunday is Valentine’s Day.

The good thing is that we get two Valentine’s Days each year: February 14th and June 12th. The bad news is that it is a pain trying to remember the date here in Brazil (if you somehow miss the TV advertising, the storefront window displays, and the hints perhaps dropped by your loved one).

I’m told that in Brazil the date is in June to move it out from under the cloud of Carnaval, which overshadows everything in the early months of the year. The anniversary of the Christian Bishop Valentine’s beheading for performing clandestine weddings apparently is not sufficient to keep the date February 14th, but the eve of Christian Saint Anthony’s feast day (the marriage or matchmaker saint) fits the bill. (I’m sure Ray will clear this up.)

If I remember my folklore right – if you want to find a mate to marry you can bury a statue of Saint Anthony upside-down and scold it, insisting he find you a match. You then leave poor Anthony there until he delivers.

When I was growing up in Michigan, Saint Anthony was known as the patron saint of lost causes. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a connection…

At any rate, don’t forget your special someone on Sunday.

Oh, and from the eternal wisdom of Dan Savage, venerated radical sex advice columnist, if you are looking for a little coochie coochie on Valentines Day – DO NOT first load up on dinner and drinks expecting to come home and do the deed. You will just hit the bed and fall asleep. Play first, then go out to dinner to celebrate! ** Ear muff the kids. NSFW. Watch Dan explain. Adult content.


Rachel said...

When we first moved here, Daniel made me choose. He said that it was totally unfair for me to expect him to bust out 2 valentines days a year! He's such a romantic ;)

The Reader said...

We actually had someone tell The Chemist that since we are married, and thus not namorados any longer, he didn't have to bother.

and, like Rachel & Daniel, we usually do one or the other, just like I make him pick one Father's Day or the other (since Mother's Day is the same date both places, it's only fair). I think we missed Feb, so I'll remind him of this one. Thanks for the heads up!

Jim said...

What is up with you grrlz? No extra excuse for hugs and kisses? What's up with that?!?

We may only order-in sushi, but we will definitely take the chance to kiss more.

Romance... where is it? C'mon my friends, pull out the stops and suprise yourself.

Go, go, go -- do it!!

Ray and Gil said...


You are totally correct on your explanations.
The only thing I would have to say is that I never heard the Carnaval connection.
It is accurate that Brazil chose June 12th due to it's strong Catholic tradition and Saint Anthony being considered the "Santo Casamenteiro" ( marriage match maker saint ).
Geez, I am glad you didn't ask me to clear up the adult comments on your posted video ;)


Corinne said...

@Reader - my husband uses the same "we are not namorados anymore" excuse - but then again, he was never the romantic type.

The Reader said...

@Corinne, glad I am not alone!

@Jim - we find plenty of reasons for extra kissing. I feel sorry for you if you & Luiz only get extra kisses in on holidays, LOL! ;-)

Jim said...

If we are close enough to catch each other's eye -- we are eager for a stolen kiss...

Happy Vantines Day!

The Reader said...

LOL, that's more like it! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys, too.

Fabio Bossard said...

I didn't know about the Carnaval connection either. Like Ray, I thought it was because of Saint Anthony.
I did a bit of research and found out that in Brazil Santa Rita de Cássia is the saint patron of the lost causes. According to the website, Saint Anthony is the one for lost objects.