Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time for a Blogger Meet-Up in Rio

On the very exciting occasion of Danielle and Alexandre visiting Rio/Niterói, I’m proposing another Blogger Meet-Up.  Mark your calendar: Saturday, July 16th. Time and location tbd, leave a comment if you have a fun suggestion.

The first time we got together, well over a year ago, several of us met at a kiosk on Ipanema beach.  Cold beer, small plates of bar food, and lots of English conversation.  Nice!
The next time we met was on Itaipú beach in Niterói. Sun, sunscreen, beer and food – and lots of English conversation. Sweet!

For our next meet-up should we venture into an interesting neighborhood in Rio?  The historic district just north of Praça XV is visually stunning, rich in historic buildings, churches and museums and has LOTS of barzinhos and restaurants.  People could arrive early and walk around, then we could meet at a particular watering hole.  Or we could wander the area together.

Or how about Jardim Botânico?  It’s a very peaceful place to walk and take in the smell of green (and Danielle could point out the interesting birds). There’s not really an interesting place to sit and enjoy a drink and lunch. The snack bar in the park is pretty lame, food-wise.  But there are appropriate places in the adjoining neighborhood.  That could be fun.
I suppose a return to the beach is never a mistake, especially for folks like Danielle, who will be in town on a rare visit.

So what do you think?  Again – mark your calendar. Plan on joining us. We’ll work out the details in the coming weeks.  And wherever we decide, it will be accessible by bus or Metro.

Oh, and light a candle in an appeal to the weather spirits that things WARM UP!

UPDATE: Luiz reminded me that he is prepared to provide a walking tour of the historic Praça XV area (where Rio began) and describe the history, archetecture, etc.  Very chic... It would be a couple hours, including a lunch stop. Totally flexible. Something to consider.


Danielle said...

Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! :D :D :D

The Reader said...

Going to try and talk The Chemist into this one, but isn't it too cold for the beach??? Or is that sacrilege to suggest such a thing in the beautiful Rio, LOL?

Will watch for details, just in case I can get him on board with this idea :-)

Jim said...

Reader - I think it is definitely too cold for sunning and swimming. But there are very comfortable kiosks along the prominade with classic Rio views. That would be why we go there, I think. But there are many choices... Do you have a preference?

I hope you can make it.

Rachel said...

On a sunny day, it's great to go to the beach in Aterro. The water isn't for swimming but the sand is warm enough for kids to play :) There is one kiosk in a shady area.

I also love the idea of downtown! I have never walked around Placa XV...

Jardim Botanicos area is lovely. The snack bar is $$$ and limited. But the neighborhood has a lot of stuff!

We could even do a lunch in Botafogo. There's a restaurant called Plebeu that is AMAZING and not hard on the pocketbook. They have the best picanha in Rio (in my humble opinion). They also serve beer by the large bottle, drinks, fresh made juices, etc.

Anonymous said...

Gah! I'm going to be extremely out of town.

I'm so disappointed that I can't make it!

Have a great time, and I can't wait to read all about it. Jealously. Hmph.

The Reader said...

I will defer to you guys on places and such; I know little to nothing about Rio. Although "easy enough to not get lost if we drive ourselves" would be a huge plus.

Jana @ Paper plains said...

Ohhhh Im so sad, I would love to come and meet you guys! Oh well, When Gil and Ray move back we wil do one in Sao Paulo, or perhaps meet somewhere in the middle so we all can get together?!

Jim said...

Luiz just reminded me he is a Rio tour guide -- DUH! He could really make the Praça XV option come alive.

Totally easy to find, Reader, with parking on Saturday.

Jana - I would love a regional get together. I tried to launch one before, but got scant response. Do you have a family sitio you can hook us up with?

Born Again Brazilian said...

We'll be in Rio that weekend too! I love the Botanical Gardens. We could also grab lunch in the nearby Gavea.

bee and jay said...

We hope you guys have an awesome time, whatever you decide on, and hopefully you might feel like doing it again late next March or early April when we plan to be in town!

Rachel said...

Yay! I'm so excited that everyone is getting into it! Next time around we'll have to rent a place to hold it ;)

Ray and Gil said...

Oh Man!!! I would love to be able to be there!!!
I am crazy for HISTORY, would love to hear Luiz descriptions of the beginings of Rio around Praca XV!!!
Oh well, next time.
We will definitely make the Sao Paulo meeting when we get back and also love the idea of a regional meeting midway somewhere!



Lindsey said...

yes yes yes I'll beeeee there! Woo hoo!!
Hummmmm.... I think I should give you all a tour of the down and dirty Rio ... right in the heart of Jacarepagua. :)

I kid I kid. Please let's not come here.

But I like the idea of Praca XV or what about Arpoador? It's cool there... Beach beer is good but the food leaves something to be desired. Botafogo is great too! DEcisions, decisions....

Danielle said...

I like that restaurant idea that Rachel suggested in Botafogo. Is Botafogo a beach area, too? Would we be able to hang out at a little kiosk afterward, weather permitting? Or is it close to the Praça that Luiz would explain to us? Everything sounds great!

SN said...

I might actually be in Rio at this time! The Gardens sound wonderful this time of year. I have always driven by but never visited and would love too! If I am in town then I am ok with anything we do in Rio. Love it all.


Jim said...

Correct me if I am wrong, Rachel, but I don't think there are beach-side kiosks along the beach in Botofogo. I have never been. It is a beach INSIDE the bay, so the water qualtiy is never really good for swimming. There are sports and walking options on and along the sand, but I don't think kiosks -- but I can be wrong.

The restaurant option in Botofogo is VERY NEAR the Praça XV option. Maybe 15 minutes or less by local bus. R$2.30

Perhaps we could create a two-tier day that includes a morning walking/historic tour of early Rio followed by a lunch in Botofogo?

People could choose either or both.

That sounds good... What say everybody?

Jim said...

Thanks Sara - you and BAB are voting for the gardens -- let's keep that option open as well. They are beautiful.

It would be great to see you.

Adam said...

I live in Niterói now, so this is something I'm up for! Great idea!

Botafogo then Praça? Sounds like a plan.

Rachel said...

No beach near the restaurants. That and downtown really isn't that close either. Ok, coming from Niteroi you do have a point. I've gotten lazy ;) But it is a pretty quick bus trip to Urca which also has it's own little beach area. But we could totally do Botafogo/plaça XV without trouble at all. There's a bus stop a block from the restaurant.

I also like Lind's idea of Aproador and beach beer. But true on the food.

Is this on Saturday or Sunday? Because in Laranjeira's General Glicerio, they have live Chorinho Saturday early afternoons. They sell caipirinhas and beer there along with water and soda. There is a great pastel stand too since it's in the middle of the feira.

Adam said...

The bus from Icaraí (Nit) takes me through Laranj, Botafogo and heads to Gávea.

Jim said...

Adam - we can get you there... no problem.

Corinne said...

ooh, I was planning to be in Rio the end of July, but now I just might have to alter my plans and come earlier!

Brynn said...

I've been busy teaching and not participating as much in the blogger sphere but I wanted to say I hope you guys have a great afternoon. All the suggestions sound like fun and I'm bummed I didn't discover the blogger community until after I left Rio. Have a great time! Someone had better post pictures.

Andy Casterton said...

sounds fun - could I come along?

Andy x

Rachel said...

Of course Andy, the more the merrier!

--jenna said...

Just read Rachel's blog...sent me here...I want to come too! Picanha sounds fab, though I'm doubtful anything can beat the garlic/chorizo encrusted picanha at Espírito Santa... :D

Danielle said...

So many options! I don't know anything about the area, so it's hard for me to imagine what's easiest by bus, what's close together, etc. But I like the idea of planning two things so that people can go to one and/or the other.

I like Jim's plan, but I have some questions:

Would it be a problem at the restaurant if we had a big crowd or if we didn't know how many people to expect? Or is that the American in me talking?

Also, would it be a problem on the bus with a huge group of gringos? Either for safety issues or for space issues? (Is it a busy line?) Would most people be taking that bus from the praça to the restaurant, or would others be driving?

After lunch at the restaurant, the more hardcore of us could always go on to Apoador, or to Laranjeira. Not sure if that's logistically possible.

Jim said...

I like how this is shaping up!

While the locals might think Praça XV and Botofogo are not too near each other, they are, in fact, well within a brief bus ride from one to the other. (Ask Lindsey about distances between Rio neighborhoods!)

I went to the restaurant’s website – It looks perfect, Rachel. Good suggestion. And it looks like they would be happy to push a few tables together to accommodate however many (or few) we may be.

In my opinion there would not be any issues (safety or space) utilizing the bus. But I’m a regular bus taking guy.

How is the parking around the restaurant Rachel? Is it worth it for some to drive? Car people tend to not really see the bus as an option.

And by all means, if there are fellow bloggers lurking around the scene, please feel free to join us. This is not an exclusive club. But be prepared to speak English. hehehe

Corinne said...

Ok, got my flight - I will be in Rio that weekend now too!! I am up for anything, but have a question, are we bringing the kids or leaving them with the Brazilian spouses? Rachel?

Born Again Brazilian said...

I'm up for anything! A morning tour and lunch sounds amazing - have to go to a Brazilian Birthday party in the evening. Would be fun to bring the kids and spouses (oh, um, maybe not for those that don't have kids...) Either way is good for me.

Can't wait!

Born Again Brazilian said...

Ray and Gil you will definitely be missed!

Jim said...

Yea! BAB - so glad you plan to join us.

I will repost soon with an update including a more specific plan.

It will be a fun day.