Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gay Pride in São Paulo

June 26th is Gay Day in San Francisco.  750,000 or so people will pack Market Street and the Civic Center to celebrate all things LGBTQQI. It is the highlight of the year and is the second largest public event in California, after the Rose Bowl parade.  Oh the memories.

Luiz and I lived within a quick, downhill walk of the Civic Center so each year we would host a Gay Day Brunch where friends would gather, fuel up on a good breakfast buffet (and cocktails), put the finishing touches on their special apparel (you can never over-accessorize on Gay Day) and strategic makeup, and then spill out onto the street to take in a full, long day of joyfulness.
This year, June 26th is also the 15th annual Gay Day parade in São Paulo. While we won’t be attending, we love following the festivities online.  The event in São Paulo is the largest LGBT party on the planet.  This year they could well host 3 million participants. THAT’S a PARTY!
The theme of the event this year is “Love each other, end homophobia.”
For fun, the organizers have come up with the idea of getting everyone on the street dancing with each other, a sort of debutante ball. The organizers are preparing a waltz in the center of the city. They have provided a remix version of the Blue Danube waltz to each of the 17 tri-electricos that will be keeping the crowd in high gear. Whenever the Blue Danube waltz is played, everyone is encouraged to dance with whoever is next to them.  FUN!
Gay people are so clever.

Thanks to the Inside São Paulo team for posting about this on their terrific blog about all things São Paulo.  Check them out.


Ray and Gil said...

This sounds AWESOME!
Super creative!
I wish we were there, well, next year :)


Danielle said...

I'm going to Sao Paulo for the day with a friend, and we're gonna stop by to show our support!! :D :D

Gina said...

I wish I could go - I love a great party - and rainbows!

Gina said...

PS - It's official, New York is now the sixth state in the US where it is legal for gay couples to get married - 44 more states to go...Yeah!!!