Monday, August 15, 2011

Missing US Gay Culture

I miss talkin’ trash, gay style. Throwin’ some shade; spillin’ some tea; workin’ my chicken neck (which I learned in high school in Detroit).

It’s not for everyone, but, Jonny McGovern is a gay comedian who produces a LONG podcast that is totally US gay, southern California/New York style.  Very fun when you are cooking all afternoon.
If you are not hip to gay/lesbian- speak and want to be a voyeur, check it out.
Go to iTunes and search for Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern.
Love you Jonny!


Jennifer Souza said...

Thanks for posting! I seriously miss gay culture, too. I heard there was 1 gay guy here (yeah, right- 1!) well I guess they meant 1 out gay guy. I met him. Hopefully he will loosen up over time. He was pretty reserved.

Rachel said...

I miss it too. I can only imagine how much you are missing it!!

Jim said...

Jennifer - we have gay friends - but so many of them are closeted. Sigh. No time for that! Not tellig your mjother when you are 55 years old!!?? What's up with that!! I am grateful my Portuguese does not let me read them out 100%!

Ray and Gil said...


I think it's pathetic, but in Brazil people are still in the closet, many of them.
My brother and his wife live in an area of Sao Paulo where gays are the absolute majority of the population.
He told me the most ridiculous thing in the "Condominium" meetings, they are all in pairs of "two men" or "two women" and they are MAJORITY, they are all in the closet, and introduce each other as "COUSINS".
I will never understand this closet behavior in Brazil.
I just read recently that Rede Globo was finally getting ready to show the "FIRST GAY KISS" on a soap opera and "Sponsors" started to pull away and cancel contracts, they wanted nothing to do with the moment of the first gay kiss on Brazilian Television.
In protest, the writers are creating situations were the "GAY" characters are beeing severely beaten to death by brutal bullies, to try and raise awareness about the whole situation.
But there is a young generation of Brazilian gays who act and think completely different.
They are open and out and want everyone to see them.
There have been many protests in Sao Paulo and all around Brazil in recent years, all involving young gays, young as in 14 or 18 years old. They have been protesting against harassment in Malls by Mall security for example, they want to be allowed to kiss in public like the straight teens do in the Malls and other such places where teens hang out.
I think the younger generations will completely change the culture for gays in Brazil.


Jim said...

This weekend in the Niterói Gay Pride event. We are having a Brunch and inviting our friends. Some will come, some will not --But we will have fun!