Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beer in Brazil

Beer in Brazil is super cold (almost - and sometimes- icing) and by international standards, it is very light in flavor. For US American readers - think Miller Light.

It´s like drinking cold water while at the beach (with a bit of a buzz over time).

Frankly, I prefer beer with a bit more flavor. Not too strong - but at least a beer flavor along the way.

It is comforting to me to see that boutique breweries are on the rise. Sign me up for more flavorful beers - even at higher prices. Not for the beach, but maybe for home BBQ parties.

Don´t get me wrong, I love the light, nearly frozen beer over four hours on the beach. But at home with friends - a little more flavor may be in order.

Here is an article the looks at this a bit more.

What type of beer do your prefer?


Anonymous said...

I like Stella and Skol.

Corinne said...

I am a big fan of Baker. They make a great pale ale and I love their draft wheat. Devassa is not bad either. The Bohemia wheat and confrataria are also excellent.

Nina said...

I have to say that I drink skol and bohemia. But it's because of economic reasons and few options. I really don't like the options in Brazil for beer. I like strawberry blondes in the summer and dark beer in the winter.

But its like you said hot weather and beer mix well either way. I just can't do beer if it's extremely hot. I start to get sick. I need to stick to water. Most of the time on the beach in the summer I can't drink beer during the day. I will drink a beer or two after the sun goes down.

Oh, before I got pregnant I tried stella it was good.

Baker? that's an import right or Brazilian? I like Baker but it's pricey for me.

Pernambuco Gypsy said...

You're right about the beer here. It's useless. I try to rotate my Brazilian beers if possible but they all taste the same. I prefer a good strong and tasty Belgian or anything made by a German.

Jennifer Souza said...

Hey! What do you know about beer!!!!???? that can't fi tin that tiny tummy of yours.

Jim said...

I have gotten acustomed to the very light beer here. Very little flavor and nearly like water.

Last night (Jennifer) we went to a school of samba for a pre-Carnaval party. We were there for 5 hours. I had less than two beers --can´t do much more -. They were Skol. I don´t really like that, but what are you to do when the envinronment serves only that?

GingerV said...

don't like Skol at all, Bohema isn't too bad. Devassa is really good, and can be found in other bars. In their restaurants it comes very cold and has a very dense HAT.... what is the foam called? we go around the corner nearly everytime in Rio and have Devassa Chopp and lula/fries.... yum.

Ray and Gil said...


I am with Ginger, there are great beers in Brazil, you will find the brand, type you like.
Samba schools sometimes have a "deal" "sponsoship" with specific brands of beer they get for free in exchange for advertising the brand.
Brazil has a long rich history of beer making, the Brazilian Imperial family had members from Portugal married with Austrians and they already had great beer traditions in those days in Petropolis and Rio de Janeiro.
Yes, skoll is a known cheap watered down beer in Brazil, if you are looking for quality you will have to pay a little more.


Jey said...

I totally agree! Skol and the like are great from the beach, but the barbeques call for something different - have you tried any of the dark Brazilian beers? Xingu kind of tastes like someone dumped half a can of Guinness into a keg of Skol but Petra has some decent flavor going.

I think I'm going to try my hand at brewing some of my own. The February heat here calls for some hefeweizen and I'll be damned if I get through winter without a stout!