Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Focus on the positive

OK, OK, so those of us expats who live here are sometimes frustrated. But I think the secret to making it through is to stay focused on the positive. I love living here - but it is not without it´s disadvantages...

Let´s look at the good side:

Brazilians LOVE their children. For better or worse, kids rule.

Coconut milk makes everything taste wonderful.

Extended families heal all boo boos.

While you may spend too much time in a bank line, you will certainly make a new friend in the person next to you.

The commercial competition between Cacau Show and Kopenhagen benefits all of us!

Traffic sucks, but when you ride the bus you can put it all aside.

Traditions open your eyes to a totally new world.

Some foods and flavors are not imaginable until you are served them by your "aunt".

The beach is not a place -- it is a culture.

Expats insist on the best - and try to find it no matter what. (Share your secrets.)

Tell me your secrets...


Rachel said...

And who are these expats ;P

I'm going to do the opposite post btw and you listed some of the item :)

Anonymous said...

I really admire your positive attitude, Jim. It tells a lot about your character ;-) It should spares us all from those pointless and eternal beaten minuses of living in Brazil, but I'm afraid your healthy suggestion will fall in def ears or will be, like we say in Portuguese, just "like a fart in the wind" - no effect whatsoever. People with karmic ties are drawn together by the Law of Affinity, so let's keep the audience tuned.

Valeu sua boa intenção!

Forte abraço.


Anonymous said...
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Laural Out Loud said...

I'm so glad to read this! We'll be moving to Brazil in 2013 and most of the boards I've been on have been highlighting how difficult it's going to be for me to make the transition, even with a Brazilian husband. I was so excited, but starting to get worried that it would be a disaster, lol. So thank you for putting a positive spin on some of the annoyances I'm sure to run into.

Meredith said...

I definitely try to think positive as well and it usually works for me. I don't complain much nor do I see as many negative aspects as others as a result.

I love how Brazilians love children, especially now that I'm pregnant. But with that being said, it makes is harder to be a teacher here.

fabiobossard said...

I loved this one: The beach is not a place -- it is a culture.

So true!