Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thank you Rio Carnaval 2012

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Goodbye Carnaval 2012. It was fun. But my feet need a rest. When we went to Lapa and Cinelandia in Rio last night to soak up the last few hours (six hours, really) of Carnaval, putting my sneakers on was like stuffing soft ground hamburger into leather purses and hoping it would hold until we got home.

My feet hurt! Time to sleep.

Luiz tells me that "back in the day" the Catholic church conspired with local governments to shut down all that partying at midnight (between Tuesday and Wednesday) because it was the beginning of Ash Wednesday (Lent, as it is known by the Catholics/Christians).

Nowadays - pufft! There are block parties scheduled every day/night until Sunday.

But my feet can´t take it. Sorry internal self who remembers and insists on infinite energy and physical stamina. I gotta bow out at some point and just sleep (still being kept awake by my pounding sore feet).

But once again - it was fun. Our friends come out of the woodwork for group gatherings. We eat and drink for cheap on the streets. And the main specatcle is so far over the top it is difficulat to imagine without having seen it for yourself.

Next year we are considering an alternative. We have been to the Sambadromo five or six times (who´s counting). Maybe next year it will be Ouro Preto with our friends Dü and Carlinhos. We´ll see. But I think we are ready for a change.

But in the end - thank you Rio for another fantastic long holiday weekend!


bee and jay said...

Envious of all that you've experienced, including the throbbing feet!

GingerV said...

the Friburgo carnaval is very nice, only on Sunday nigh (I think) blocos on Saturday.... but the parade on Sunday is up close and personal. is great.

Anonymous said...
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