Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making it work

I was going to post a very cool bit about my recent fling with French Onion Soup. I have pics and everything.

But for some reason I cannot get the pics off our camera and onto my computer. I just did this a month ago with our Peru pics, but now the wires don't fit. WTF?

So instead you get my mini rant and another thought.

Life has been good and Luiz is thriving. (Me too, for that matter.) Everything except the camera has been great.

One observation here at home is that I can tell the time by the sound of the traffic outside our window. Speaking about after dark...

Laying in bed, trying to sleep, I know the time by the sounds I hear.

It's not yet 1:00 until the adolescent chatter calms across the street at the pizzaria,

It is 2:00 when I hear the soft (yet quite audible) rumble of plastic wheels of a small army of night shift street cleaning workers rolling by with their trash containers, on their way to their stations.

Just about 2:30 the private trash pickup company pulls up to the restaurant across the street. For a good 20 minutes we are treated to the sound of clanging trash containers and the mechanics of a truck compacting its load. Nice...

Then on most nights - Friday and Saturday excepted - we have relative quiet from about 3:00 - 5:00.

Starting at 5:00 the busses start their rotation. Now, I love me some busses. They are my saving grace when I want to go anywhere. But we have somthing like 10 different bus lines passing in front of our apartment. That's good when you want to go somewhere, but not so good when you want to sleep.

So I don't need an alarm clock. But the good part is I have no reason to wake up early. I just roll over and let the sounds wash over me until I am ready to get up and take a walk along the beach.


Peg said...

I can hear it all. We had all the same sounds (minus the ever constant buses) and I miss it!

I'm still loving your blog after all these years, and I'm so glad I got to meet you and get to know you and Luiz that day on the beach. I hope some day we can come back so I can meet up with you and we can do it again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

Big city living at it's best!
It sounds like you live in a very central location, in the middle of everything... :)
Ah, we miss the city. It get's really quite out here in the suburbs...
Can't wait to be back in Brazil in the middle of all the hustle and bustle...


GingerV said...

Vida Boa!

Rachel said...

Just remember that with each annoying bus is a car not running. saving the planet a little bit at a time :)

Anonymous said...

A car Rachel? Try a dozen or 50 cars off the road... ;)


Jim said...

Peg - choose a weekend when your heart is out of town. We have a guest room with your name on it. You can take a photo of my feet! ;-)

Maria said...

How funny... When I lived in Santa Monica, I had the same routine of sounds around me as well. Every morning around 7 am I would hear the person who lived in the apartment next to me blast his reggaeton music. To this day as soon as that distinctive reggaeton beats comes on it makes me very antsy and annoyed (lol). Ahhhhh, how nice it must be to walk on the beach every day!