Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visiting Machu Picchu

I can honestly say that you never (I never) expect to see something so amazing as the preserved ruins of Machu Picchu. To see the clouds clear in the early morning so high in the mountains – moment by moment. It would be breath-taking except that the air is so pure we were able to breathe so deeply. We took it all in.

Magic – I typically don’t believe. But that morning exiting our mini bus at the gates to Machu Picchu – I was reconsidering. I definitely reconsidered.

We were inspired by the whole of it all: spiritual sites, lavish places of rest for Inka dignitaries, spaces for workers, tiered agricultural areas, lots of uncanny scientifically spot-on bits. Plus seeing the beautiful lamas wandering the grounds.

We spent over two hours on a guided tour (recommended) and then another several hours just feeling the energy and exploring the site.

It is possible to take a tour from Cusco – to and from Machu Picchu - in a single day. Totally possible. But as is our style, we chose to stay in Aguas Caliente and get the early morning bus to MP to see the clouds rise. But you can do either – think about your priorities.

Only the photos tell the real story.

The clouds clearing.

Could it be more beautifu!?

The tiers are partly to stop erosion - and partly to provide gardens.

Luiz and our guide.

Is my husband the cutest man ever, or what!?

We are singing Happy Birthday to Luiz here -- he got a bit emotional.

Tell me - is it possible to be more inspired?

Slow and steady!

We LOVED our trip to Machu Picchu!!


Jennifer Souza said...

These are amazing pictures. What a beautiful view.

Mallory said...

great photos! i like the singing happy birthday one :)

Ray and Gil said...

The pictures do tell the story!

Love it!

bee and jay said...

It looks absolutely incredible!!

Jim said...

My embarassment has me adding that I am using a cane (walking stick) because after losing 70+ pounds my mind and body have not yet figured out how to work togeter. I am often off-balance and dizzy. I have temporarily lost my center of gravity. Walking down stairs, for example, continues to be precarious.

Just sayin'

But it was a GREAT experience!

GingerV said...

loved the photos. thank goodness you had someone take photos of the 3 of you (you, luiz and the ruins) great memories later. Jim really good photos, good job.
hugs from Houston

Danielle said...

Really nice pictures, Jim. :) And Alexandre said the same thing about his trip to Machu Piccu: he's not usually religious or even spiritual or anything like that, but he definitely felt something up there!

Rachel said...

Great photos and looks like it was a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Unbelievable pictures! So inspiring to see such natural beauty. Glad you guys had a nice trip!

maria said...

Machu Picchu is a really magical place! I felt the same when I visited many years ago!

Maria xx