Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 years of love, life and adventure

April 1st was our ten year anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun!

How sweet is this? Luiz keeps an extensive scrap book (Luiz refers to it as our “scratch" book) of all sorts of memorabilia taken from our days, weeks and years together. It’s a wonderful, huge trip-tick documenting our amazing time together. We have the documentation!

Ten years. It feels great. People ask – and I will share with you here: I believe we continue to be madly in love because we forgive each other our shortcomings. (Plus we totally dig each other!) Nuf said.

To celebrate we went out for dinner at the new seafood restaurant in town. I had a 12 hour workday – so I was whipped. But I was all along looking forward to being with Luiz, giving him a sweet (Portuguese language) anniversary card, and eating fine seafood. Yum on all counts.

By about 10:00 p.m. we got to Siri, the restaurant. The menu was extensive and tantalizing. We quickly settled on a Risoto de Frutos do Mar (Seafood Risotto) and a vegetable salad.

Risotto in Brazil bares nearly zero resemblance to Italian risotto – except for the presence of rice (and even that is a different variety). Here a risotto is more a rice casserole. Delicious to be sure – but not the smooth, creamy rice concoction familiar to Americans (or Italians for that matter.)

As in most restaurants – the order is made for two. Actually, it could have easily fed four people. We took home plenty for lunch the next day for Zozó and Tonico. Delicious!

Truth be told the restaurant was less than optimally romantic. Too much light and echoing with the chatter of large groups celebrating their own occasions. We kept our gaze on each other – so we hardly noticed.

Luiz brought home some memorabilia from our table for the ‘scratch’ book.

He's such a sweetie.


Miss Phae said...

My Love to the both of you ! AND COngratulations on celebrating your 10th Anniversary! How wonderful!!

Peace, Light and Love,, Miss Phae

Rachel said...

I hope we´re as happy as you two when we reach 10 years :)

Jim said...

Thanks Rachel - very sweet.

Just stay flexible...