Monday, April 13, 2009

Tiny surprise in Boa Esperança

Shortly after we arrived at the house in Boa Esperança I knew something was up. The main entrance to the house is in the back, where there is a little porch area. I was straightening up the porch, putting floor mats in place and moving clothes pins to the line in the yard when I was suddenly dive-bombed by a hummingbird.

Being somewhere between a huge insect and a teeny-tiny, speedy UFO the aggressive near misses by this thing were startling. It took me a few times to realize it was a hummingbird. But why was it coming at me like a mother protecting her young?

Aha! Ya think? I sleuthed around in the porch area for any recent architectural additions. Sure enough, woven onto the power cord for the porch light was a tiny blob of something-or-other. Perfect location, as these things usually are: in the porch (dry), way up high and protected on three sides by the porch itself. Safe and sound. That is – until the humans come bustin’ about for a holiday weekend.

Luiz quickly adopted the hummingbird couple and their two as yet unhatched eggs as his little babies. Access to the porch was severely restricted and turning on the porch light forbidden altogether.

We sneaked a peak every now and again – but mostly left mom, dad and the potential kids alone. Super cute!

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