Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Friday on the mountain top

Who says you can’t have a super-delicious, traditional, Good Friday bacalhoada (codfish stew) just because you are up in the mountains in a tiny getaway location? Don’t tell that to Luiz.

It was a team effort, really. Zozó provided the ingredients (including doing the two days of hard work soaking, rinsing and cleaning the dried codfish.) Luiz carried the multiple Ziploc bags of fresh ingredients to the mountain top: potatoes, onions, codfish, garlic, tomatoes, red and green peppers. Then together we chopped and sliced it all up.

Using the biggest pot we could find in the kitchen Luiz assembled the scrumptiously beautiful stew and soaked it in Portuguese olive oil. After an hour or so of simmering I was afraid half the neighborhood would be gathering outside the front gate looking for a taste. It smelled wonderful.

Add some fresh cooked rice and a crispy salad and we celebrated Good Friday just like Luiz’s family has done for generations.

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