Sunday, April 19, 2009

One heavenly spot

[wild orchid up in a tree]

We are getting pretty spoiled with our unlimited access to the house in Boa Esperança. Thanks again Dora and Sergão! And now with Luiz’s bus transportation discount card he gets 10 free tickets per month, statewide. So we don’t have to pay the R$55 bus fare for him.

[walking a neighborhood street]

If we catch the bus in Niteroí at 6:00 a.m. we are fluffing our pillows in Boa Esperança by a few minutes after 9:00 a.m.. Peace, quiet, fresh air, green hillsides in every direction and no telephone or television (my favorite parts!)

[on the way to a waterfall - looking back down the hill]

The locals all know us by now. The neighbors come by to say hi and ask who else might be coming up for the weekend. The store owners wave hello and the bar owners dust off a couple chairs and set the frying oil to boil to serve us some fresh bamboo shoot pastels.

[dreamlike fantasy: boy with guitar in his backyard]

It’s a different world up there. The pace is slower than I’ve ever thought possible for working people. It takes some getting used to. And it seems the highest priority is talking with your neighbors. Only the bus runs on a schedule. Everything else can wait until you have caught up on the day’s news from those who live around you.

[daily commute]

And the cheese – oh the fresh cheese. Not only is the queijo minas warm and smooth textured, it tastes like family love itself. This last visit we bought four cakes (each a little bigger than the size of a one pint container) to bring home and share with those not able to join us. Plus – it costs about 1/3 less than anything remotely similar back in Niteroí.

[three generations of signs directing you to the waterfall]
[hiking above the waterfall]

Luiz and I walk the hills, enjoy the waterfalls and cook yucca root so fresh you can peel it with your fingers – like butta!

We’ll be back in early May!
[cutest man in the world]


Zack said...

Don't you just love discovering a new blog that is:
1) about living in Brasil
2) written well
3) interesting and informative
4) that celebrates the life of a gay man and his partner.

Woohoo! I am a kid in the candy store.

thanks from zack

thanks from zack

Jim said...

Thank you. :-)