Friday, May 14, 2010

Traveling for our birthdays

It is difficult to wrap my head around this, but – I will turn 50 on Monday. Say what!? Luiz will be 58 on Sunday. (btw… he is frustrated by the proximity of our birthdays because now he no longer gets personal gifts, but rather candles, picture frames and soaps for the both of us. LOL!)

Our original plan was to go to Machu Picchu for my 50th. But you may have heard that heavy rains earlier this year wiped out the transportation routes to the world heritage site. We will make the trip some time in the future when things are not held together with bailing wire and duct tape.

On Sunday (after a huge party/family reunion on Saturday for Luiz’s aunt Helenice’s 70th birthday) Luiz and I will travel about 4.5 hours south of Rio to a little coastal village: Trindade, for a romantic getaway. We will stay a week.

Beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, local cooking, and daytime boat excursions (to even more beaches)…

Ahhhhh – Qualidade de Vida.

The blog will go dark for a while, but I will be back with photos and tales.


The Reader said...

Oooh, we love that area. We've been to nearby Paraty twice now, and of course Angras/Ilha Grande farther up the coast recently. Beautiful, beautiful area. I'm sure you know that. Enjoy your romantic get-away, and Happy Birthday to both of you.

Austin said...

Hey Jim -

My name's Austin and I got your name from Danielle from Brazil. I run a personal finance site called Foreigner's Finances ( and I'm currently teaching English in Japan through the JET Program.

I really enjoy your site and I'd love to interview you through email about your adventure (much like this:

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