Saturday, May 1, 2010

We are so out of it

Lucky us. I work, essentially, a part-time job. Luiz works a part- part- time job. We wake up many mornings and ask each other: what day is today? We do not work a rigorous Monday through Friday week.

So today we were all ready to go shopping to finish off the purchases to make Zozó’s apartment perfect. We woke up early. Showered. Took the bus downtown.

Eerily all the shops were closed. What was up?

Duh! It’s May first. May Day. In every country outside of the United States this is a worker’s holiday. Even the street vendors were closed up for the day.

We are so out of it! Again - what day is today?!?

Unfortunately we could not make the last minute purchases to make Zozo’s apartment fabulous. But I was glad to see everyone taking a day of rest.

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Linds said...

I'm out of it too! We were in Petropolis yesterday and wondered why we couldn't find a single place to eat?? Why did it look like an abandoned town??